Originally formed as the Fifth Quarter in 1997 as one the first high school girls basketball information sites online. Providing game reports, polls, player evaluations and club news. After 4 seasons, in 2001 Fifth Quarter ceased its online presence and concentrated on providing central Indiana news and evaluations to various other outlets for the next several seasons.  In 2005 I turned my attention and resources to coaching with several different clubs, training and officiating over the next 10 years. 2013 I began to get back into the recruiting service side of the game, working scouting service events and providing Indiana player evaluations to recruiting services. 2014 brought me full circle after 17 years of involvement in the girls game, back to devoting my resources to providing news and player/event evaluations as IGBRR.

Our goal is to maximize the exposure of Indiana girls basketball and it players in a fair, consistent and accurate manner. Please help us do that by providing reliable, accurate and fair information to us to help maximize the exposure from the North to the South of our state. We can be contacted at any time via email or twitter account. Thanks for supporting Indiana High School Girls Basketball.

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